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  • 20 October 2020
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The Samurai's Garden Read & Download Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB A 20 year old Chinese painter named Stephen is sent to his family's summer home in a Japanese coastal village to recover from a bout with tuberculosis Here he is cared for by Matsu a reticent housekeeper and a maste. NO SPOILERSThis book is beautiful The primary theme is about beauty And then there is a love story too I think beauty is very important in the Japanese culture What really is beauty The tempo is lulling uiet and calming This too creates a kind of beauty The concept of beauty is drawn through the lives of the main characters The novel takes place at the time of the Rape on Nanking when the Japanese were invading and slaughtering the Chinese at the end of the 1930s In contrast the novel plays out in a small Japanese village outside of Kobe You have the uiet village life following the seasons the routine Japanese festivals and the pervading sense of tranguilty that gardens and gardening create Honor and respect and traditions of non confrontationsilence still cannot stamp out the rumbling fears and problems of the time Not only are we confronted with hatred between Japanese and Chinese but also the fear and dishonor associated with leprosy the lepers having been pushed out to the village Yamaguchi Silence and honor cannot remove the threats of natural disasters fires and storms of nature and of people These contrasting forces play out against each other On one side you have the lulling order of society and yet underneath rumbles these threatening problems All would seem less threatening if allowed to surface This novel teaches the reader about Japanese traditions The prose style fits the message Look at Indian art Compare it to Chinese art and then to Japanese art You clearly see that as we move eastward all the nonessentials are removed What is left is pure and simple Art is incorporated into all parts of daily life house construction bathing gardening the use of scrolls food preparation to name but a few This pure simple form of art is also reflected in how the Japanese interact with each otherI think you will be surprised about who the main protagonists are in this novel I do not see Stephen in this role It is Matsu and Sachi So be a bit patient when you begin the novel You will delight in the life story of the main two protagonists Remember beauty is not always what is on the surface I said this book was about beauty Well it is But What is beauty Is it that we see only with our eyes Is it the clicking of stones when you rake a stone garden Is it the delight of soaking in a hot clean bath Is it all of these things Is it something PS How the Japanese switch between Shinto beliefs and Buddhism for different ceremonies never ceses to amaze meStephen and his family seemed a way for the author to incorporate the confict between the Japanese and the Chinese into the plot I do not think this was adeuately explored I found it hard to believe the ease with which they were accepted by the Japanese Maybe that is why I chose three rather than four stars And was Yamaguchi truly a Japanese leper colony or is this fictitious

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The Samurai's Garden Read & Download Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Inding beauty in a cruel and arbitrary world and Stephen is a noble student learning to appreciate Matsu's generous and nurturing way of life and to love Matsu's soul mate gentle Sachi a woman afflicted with leprosy. Buddy read with JeannetteOn the face of it The Samurai s Garden is a beautifully told story of one young man s journey to figure out who he is a sort of coming of age story But there is really so much below the surface There is an enchanting and poignant love story The reader is shown how beauty can exist in a cruel world There is betrayal adultery young love and two gardens that play a large role as a place of peace Plus other topics I don t want to mention so as not to spoil anything All of this is framed by the Japanese invasion of China during 1937 1938 Writing this I wonder how it all came together to make a cohesive story but it does and with beautiful imagery Stephen Chan is a young man of 20 recovering from tuberculosis He is sent from his family s home in Hong Kong to their summer beach home in Tarumi Japan Stephen is met at the Tarumi train station by Matsu the family s long time gardenercaretaker of the summer home From the beginning it is clear that Matsu will not baby Stephen and that is just what Stephen needs at this point in his life At first it seemed to me that Matsu was the teacher or guide to Stephen But really Matsu and Stephen form a bond and learn about life and family from each other Stephen is introduced to other inhabitants of Tarumi who play a large role in his year long stay Kenzo Keiko and the most important Sachi an older woman who actually lives in Yamaguchi all develop a relationship with Stephen This story is told by way of entries in Stephen s journal as he learns about loyalty to friends and family Japanese culture is incorporated into the story Read the book it really is wonderful

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The Samurai's Garden Read & Download Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB R gardener Over the course of a remarkable year Stephen learns Matsu's secret and gains not only physical strength but also profound spiritual insight Matsu is a samurai of the soul a man devoted to doing good and f. This was an excellent and peaceful bookit is about a young chinese man who is sent to his parent s summer home at the beach in Japan to recover from an illness The caretaker of the home becomes his life teacher and as the book unfolds he learns about relationships how to find peace within himself and about love and loss It is written as excerpts from his journal and so it is from his perspectiveas though we the reader are sharing his inner most thoughts and feelings It gave me an insight into the beauty of Japan and the way of life in the remote parts of that country in the 1930s I also particularly enjoyed it because the caretaker s garden is his reverent and therapeutic domainsomething i can relate to I had a sense of peace while reading this book and could not wait to find time to sit and read it in my free time I would strongly recommend this bookit is an easy book to read and a uick readone that I hated to see come to an end